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Black History Month Sankofa Hike

Join us Saturday February 18, 2023 as we go back to our roots.  Travel the terrains once trodded by Rastafari. This 3.7mile hike is to the historic Monks Hill and the grounds of the Old Nyabinghi Tabernacle where elders and members of Rastafari once explored, worshiped and lived. 

You will learn about some of the colonial histories of Antigua and Rastafari while overlooking English Harbour and the east side of Wadadli. We will have a moment of rest at the top of Monks Hill and inside of the remains of the old Nyahbinghi tabernacle. At the end of the hike you will be served and Ital meal.

Hike Duration: 2 hrs (varies depending on speed)

Hike Intensity: 7/10 (Some hills + moderate terrain)

Attire: Wear your hiking gear! Whatever you are most comfortable hiking in, please wear that + closed toed shoes/sneakers.