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Humble & Free Farm Tour

Enjoy a guided tour of Humble and Free Wadadli’s five (5) acre farm and see what seasonal produce is growing. With over 33+ mango trees, livestock  and a rotation of crops you’re guaranteed to get an up close and personal view of Rastafari’s sustainable farming practices.

What to Expect


Frolic On The Farm

Explore our 5-acre farm and seasonal crops and learn more about our role in making Antigua a more food secure nation

Learn about Antigua’s historic farming practices and see how Rastafari are implementing those same techniques today.


The Healing Herb and Harvests

Visit our in-season cannabis fields, and forthcoming plant nursery to learn about Rastafari's sacramental cannabis growing techniques


The Moos & Friends

Delight in meeting our cows Moo and Mooling as well as our  other four-legged friends in and around the Humble and Free Farm.


Tour Options

Basic Tour: A concise overview of sustainable farming practices and highlights.

45 mins

Deluxe Tour: An extended exploration with a farm-to-table experience and additional insights into eco-friendly initiatives.

1hr 20mins



Our Basic Humble and Free Farm Tour offers an authentic glimpse into the heart of our 5-acre farm. You'll meet our passionate farmers, who will share their insights into eco-friendly farming methods for crops and cannabis, the importance of sustainable agriculture, and the deep respect they hold for the land. Come as you are, leave with a renewed appreciation for the land, and a deeper understanding of the commitment to responsible farming that defines our humble and free way of life. Join us on this enlightening journey of growth, simplicity, and the abundant gifts of the earth.



Experience the Deluxe Humble and Free Farm Tour – a deep dive into sustainable farming. Enjoy hands-on activities, a chalice demonstration and savor an exquisite traditional Ital (vegan) meal prepared with freshly harvested produce. Connect with nature, Rastafari culture and the land in a profound way.

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