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Ras Freeman Rastafarian tour in Antigua and Barbuda
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Ras Freeman Tour

Explore the roots and culture of Antigua through the lens of Rastafari on a guided tour through the sacred grounds of Ras Freeman. Located in one of the first villages to be freed during slavery, the former plantation is now a place for worship, farming, natural living, history and heritage.

What to Expect


Where We Worship & Work

Immerse in the sacred lands of Rastafari, witnessing daily life, worship, and agricultural practices.
Engage with local community members and gain insights into the vibrant Rastafari culture.


Farming & Food Security

Explore incoming crops and learn more about Rastafari's role in making Antigua a more food secure nation.


The Healing Herb

Visit our cannabis fields and green house where and learn about Rastafari's role in Antigua's budding medicinal cannabis industry.


Historical Artifacts

Retrace the rich history of the former Willis Freeman Plantation and encounter artifacts from slavery.


Tour Options

Basic Tour: An overview of key historical and cultural landmarks.


Deluxe Tour: A comprehensive exploration with additional insights and farm-to-table experience.

1hr 20mins



Discover the rich history and culture of the Rastafari Hub with the Basic Ras Freeman Tour. This tour gives you a general overview of the grounds and the sacred Nyahbingi lands, providing you with a better understanding of Rastafari culture and its fascinating history.



Looking for a more immersive experience? The Deluxe Ras Freeman Tour offers just that and more! Not only will you get a more in-depth tour of the Rastafari hub, but you'll also get to enjoy a delicious farm-to-table Ital meal and a sacramental chalice session.

Ras Freeman Tour dress code image. Modest apparel is mandatory for all attendees.

Dress Code

At Ras Freeman, we honor and respect the sacred grounds of Rastafari worship and sacrament. As a part of the cultural experience, we kindly request that all visitors adhere to the mandatory modest dress code in order to maintain the integrity of our community. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

Women: Skirt or dress below the knee + a head wrap/covering (hats are acceptable)​

Men: Pants/shorts worn above the waist + shirt (T-shirts are fine)

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