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Humble and Free Wadadli Sankofa hikers, Jashan, travel from Monks hill to the old Nyahbinghi Tabernacle in Antigua.
Antigua Sankofa Hike

Sankofa Hike

The Sankofa Hike is a trek to the historic Monks Hill and the grounds of the Old Nyabinghi Tabernacle, where elders and members of Rastafari gained momentum before the expansion and development of what is known as Ras Freeman today. 

What to Expect


Hike to Monks Hill

The first leg of the hike is upward to the captivating Monks Hill, soaking in the natural beauty and connecting with the past. Learn about the significance of this location in the development of Rastafari culture while overlooking the Eastern side of Antigua.


Old Nyahbinghi Tabernacle

Discover the roots of Rastafari and its pivotal role at the Old Nyabinghi Tabernacle, where elders and members gained momentum for what is now Ras Freeman.


Refreshments Along the Way

Rest assured, we've got you covered with snacks and water provided throughout the hike. Stay energized and hydrated as you journey through history and nature.


The Details


~2 hrs


3.9 miles

Hike Intensity

7/10 (Some hills + Moderate terrain)



Embark on the Basic Sankofa Hike, a captivating ~4-mile journey to Monks Hill and the grounds of the Old Nyabinghi Tabernacle. Immerse yourself in the historical significance of this location, where Rastafari culture found its roots. Explore the natural beauty and historical depth of the hike, and connect with the past that laid the foundation for Ras Freeman



Elevate your Sankofa Hike experience with our Deluxe option. Alongside the exploration of Monks Hill and the Old Nyabinghi Tabernacle, indulge in the spiritual tradition of smoking the chalice. Connect with the Rastafari heritage in a profound way as you partake in this sacred practice during your hike. Immerse yourself in history, nature, and spirituality with the Deluxe Sankofa Hike.

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